Identical Hand Twins @gloaurora

Dear Glo, 

It’s such a special day today, so I wanted to put it all out there.

I care about you. A LOT. I do, I constantly think about you or remember things we talked about or shared. The thing is, it’s very hard not to do that because we talked about and shared so many things over the years.

You became more than a friend for me, you became my hand twin, and I love that. I love the trust, honesty, laziness, phases and everything we went through together. I cannot think about “my youth” or “the good ol’ days” without thinking of you, and even though we’re still so young, I know you know what I mean.

I wanna tell you that you are very important. I wanna tell you how strong I think you are ~ I wanna tell you that I thank you for your friendship and advice and just everything.

I also wanna say that I am very sad that we drifted apart.

That is something that I geniunely thought would never happen. And it is something that I genuinely tried very hard not to let happen. I do not know if something happened… if I changed, failed to change, or you needed to move on or literally you just got more busy and we just didn’t talk as often and i’m being overly-dramatic; but today is your birthday and I’ve been thinking about you all day, and I guess I just needed to tell you this. This very long letter that really can be sumarized into 4 things:

1) I love you.
2) I miss you.
3) I’m sorry we lost touch.
4) Happy Birthday Glow :) I apologize about kinda making your b-day about me / us, but I really do hope that you had a fantastic day… because you are still my person.